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Nettersheim, Nationalpark Eifel, Germany

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Welcome to our home county National Park Eifel, Germany, where roman history, castles and fortresses and a variety of wildlife of rare orchards and colorful butterflies are virtually on the doorstep. Culture and nature experiences, spanning the world from Timor to Svalbard, often shape inspirations to our established work of art.

The whole presented artworks (apart from sculptures...) are devised to fulfil the requirements of various forms of media and are available as high resolution digital image files in the range from small scientific studies for textbooks to large museum or exhibition walls. Usage rights to the illustrations can be purchased for commercial or editorial purposes like education, science, text-books, wildlife publishing, exhibits, museums, advertising... .

For granting a commercial license please visit our portfolio at pixels.com via our website:


pixels.com is a label of fineartamerica

Please enjoy your virtual walkthrough our art work gallery! Special requests? We would welcome seeing your brief, to deliver professionally your exact personalized needs.

For commisionel works feel free to contact us - contact - faa(at)urftvalley.com.

Helga Pohlen : Since 1990 active artist in the fields of: ceramics, sculptures, reliefs and etchings.
Matt. J.G. Maassen-Pohlen : Since 1985 freelance graphic designer in the fields of: graphical and photographical design for sole traders and group corporations, illustration and construction of small dioramas, involved in design oriented nature conservation since 1980 (read more at > nature-interpretation-panels-com ).

Both study at Krefeld, Germany Polytechnic in Ceramic Design and Visual Communication,
also specializing in analytical drawing of moving bodies, and the study of manifestations of true life shape and form and their depiction in two dimensions, under Prof. W. Zaiser.

List of publications (excerpt):
Conservation organisations: NABU Germany, Fondation Hëllef fir d'Natur, Luxembourg - Ministries and centers of environment and rural areas - National Park Gesaeuse, Austria - Zoological Garden of Saarbruecken, Germany - University of Heidelberg/Springer Publishers (exploitation of illustration work) Nature-Park-Spessart, Germany - German Television and others.

Our websites: www.urftvalley.com | urftvalley.de | www.nature-interpretation-panels-com | www.natural-history-illustrations.com | illustrationsforselfpublishing.com


Geruchssinn von Eissturmvoegeln - Procellariidae by Urft Valley Art


Tasmanian Tiger-Thylacinus cynocephalus-Tasmanian Wolf-Lobo de Tasmania-Tasmanian Loup-Beutelwolf by Urft Valley Art


Mealy Amazon Parrot-Amazona farinosa-Harinosa Surena-Green-winged macaw-Ara chloroptera-Guacamayo by Urft Valley Art


Barn Swallow-Hirundo rustica-Rauchschwalbe-Boerenzwaluw -Ladusvala-Hirondelle rustique-Golondrina by Urft Valley Art


Eurasian Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris - Ecureuil Roux - Ardilla Roja - Eichhoernchen - Eekhoorn by Urft Valley Art


Dart-Poison Frogs - Poison-Dart Frogs Dendrobatidae - Baumsteiger Frosch - Pijlgifkikkers by Urft Valley Art


Great Hammerhead Sphyrna mokarran - Squat-headed Hammerhead Shark - Grand Requin-marteau - Cornuda by Urft Valley Art


Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot Daucus carota - Root System - C by Urft Valley Art


Cocksfoot or Orchard Grass Dactylis glomerata - Root System - Da by Urft Valley Art


Pilewort or Lesser Celandine Ranunculus ficaria - Root System - by Urft Valley Art


Spring Snowflake Leucojum vernum - Niveole de Printemps - Campan by Urft Valley Art


Dandelion Blowball Clock Taraxacum officinale - Root System - Pi by Urft Valley Art


Meadow Saffron - Naked Lady - Autumn Crocus Colchicum - Colchiqu by Urft Valley Art


Daisy Bellis perennis - root system - paquerette vivace - Margar by Urft Valley Art


Diving Beetle Porhydrus lineatus - Schwimmkaefer - Waterroofkever by Urft Valley Art


Freshwater Limpet Ancylus fluviatilis - Flussmuetzenschnecke - p by Urft Valley Art


Golden-Ringed Dragonfly Larva Nymph - Cordulegaster boltonii - K by Urft Valley Art


Banded Demoiselle Dragonfly Larva Nymph - Calopteryx splendens - by Urft Valley Art


Stonefly Larva Nymph Plecoptera Perla marginata - Steinflue - by Urft Valley Art


Alderfly Sialis lutaria Larva Nymph - Sialis de la Vase - Mudde by Urft Valley Art


Mayfly Larva Nymph Rithorgena Ecdyonurus venosus - moscas de may by Urft Valley Art


Buffalo Gnat or Black Fly Larva Simuliidae - by Urft Valley Art


Caddisfly Larva Nymph Psychomiidae Hydropsyche pellucidula - by Urft Valley Art


Caddisfly Larva Nymph Goeridae_Silo_pallipes - by Urft Valley Art


Caddisfly Larva Nymph Sericostomatidae Micrasema minimum - by Urft Valley Art


Caddisfly Limnephilidae Anabolia nervosea Larva Nymph - by Urft Valley Art


Flat Valve Shell Valvata cristata - Platte Pluimdrager - Flache by Urft Valley Art


Mayfly Larva Nymph Ephemera danica - moscas de mayo - Majflue - by Urft Valley Art


Ribbon Leech Hirundinea Erpobdellidae - Igle - Juotikkaat - Egel by Urft Valley Art


Eurasian Pygmy Shrew - Sorex minutus - Musaraigne pygmee - Musar by Urft Valley Art


Koala Phascolarctos cinereus - Koala bear - chemical communicati by Urft Valley Art


Siberian Musk Deer Moschus moschiferus - Chevrotain Porte-musc - Ciervo Almizclero - Moschustier by Urft Valley Art


Large Indian Civet Viverra zibetha - Grande civette - gran civeta india - Indische Zibetkatze by Urft Valley Art


Walrus Odobenus rosmarus - Marine Mammal - Walross by Urft Valley Art


Sea Lion Zalophus californianus - Marine Mammals - Seeloewen by Urft Valley Art


Harbour Seal Common Seal Phoca vitulina - Marine Mammals - Seehund by Urft Valley Art


Cassowaries in their Habitat - Cassowary - Nature Interpretive Panel - Zoo Tafel - Zoo Paneel- Stock by Urft Valley Art


Common Seal - Harbour Seal - Harbor Seal - Habitat - Nature Interpretive Panel - Zoo Tafel by Urft Valley Art


Pinnipeds - Walruses Odobenidae - Eared and Earless seals Otariidae Phocidae - Interpretive Panels by Urft Valley Art


Distinguishing Marks - Eared seals Otariidae and Earless Seals Phocidae - Zoo Interpretiation Panels by Urft Valley Art


Text Example - Seals - zoo interpretive panel by Urft Valley Art


Text Example - difference between eared seals and true seals - zoo interpretive panel by Urft Valley Art


Text Example - Habitate of Common Seals - zoo interpretation panel by Urft Valley Art


Pandora Opens The Box - Etching - Greek Gods - Mythology - Hope - Fine Art Print - Stock Image by Urft Valley Art


Petroglyph - Etching - Mammals - Prehistoric Art - Rock Painting - Fine Art Print - Stock Image by Urft Valley Art


Petroglyph - Ensemble of Red Dots and Short Strokes - Prehistoric Art - The plains - Prarie Country by Urft Valley Art


Petroglyph - Horse takhi and Stones - Prehistoric Art - Cave Art - Rock Art - Cave Painters by Urft Valley Art


Dreamtime - Daydream - Dream - Reverie - Girl - Profile - Etching - fine art print - stock image by Urft Valley Art