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Welcome to our home county National Park Eifel, Germany, where roman history, castles and fortresses and a variety of wildlife of rare orchards and colorful butterflies are virtually on the doorstep. Culture and nature experiences, spanning the world from Timor to Svalbard, often shape inspirations to our established work of art.

The whole presented artworks (apart from sculptures...) are devised to fulfil the requirements of various forms of media and are available as high resolution digital image files in the range from small scientific studies for textbooks to large museum or exhibition walls. Usage rights to the illustrations can be purchased for commercial or editorial purposes like education, science, text-books, wildlife publishing, exhibits, museums, advertising... .

For granting a commercial license please visit our portfolio at via our domain: is a label of fineartamerica

Please enjoy your virtual walkthrough our art work gallery! Special requests? We would welcome seeing your brief, to deliver professionally your exact personalized needs.

For commisionel works feel free to contact us.

Helga Pohlen : Since 1990 active artist in the fields of: ceramics, sculptures, reliefs, paintings and etchings.
Matt. J.G. Maassen-Pohlen : Since 1985 freelance graphic designer in the fields of: graphical and photographical design for sole traders and group corporations, illustration and construction of small dioramas, involved in design oriented nature conservation since 1980 (read more at > nature-interpretation-panels-com ).

Both study at Krefeld, Germany Polytechnic in Ceramic Design or Visual Communication,
also specializing in analytical drawing of moving bodies, and the study of manifestations of true life shape and form and their depiction in two dimensions, under Prof. W. Zaiser.

List of publications (excerpt):
Conservation organisations: NABU Germany, Fondation Hëllef fir d'Natur, Luxembourg - Ministries and centers of environment and rural areas - National Park Gesaeuse, Austria - Zoological Garden of Saarbruecken, Germany - University of Heidelberg/Springer Publishers (exploitation of illustration work) Nature-Park-Spessart, Germany - German Television and others.

Nationalpark Eifel municipality Nettersheim, Germany

Our domains: | | www.nature-interpretation-panels-com | |


Western Lowland Gorilla - Gorilla gorilla gorilla by Urft Valley Art


Robust Chimpanzees Pan troglodytes - Zoo interpretive panel by Urft Valley Art


Text Example Western Lowland Gorilla - Gorilla gorilla gorilla zoo interpretive panel by Urft Valley Art


European crayfish Astacus astacus - Flusskrebs - Ecrevisse a pattes rouges - Jokirapu by Urft Valley Art


Three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus - Stichling - L'epinoche - Espinoso - Kolmipiikki by Urft Valley Art


European bullhead Cottus gobio - Chabot commun - Lo scazzone - El cavilat - Kivisimppu by Urft Valley Art


Western Gorilla - Gorilla gorilla - Gorille de l'ouest - gorila occidental - ocidente - occidentale by Urft Valley Art


Common or Robust Chimpanzee - Pan troglodytes - Chimpanze - Chimpance - Scimpanze - Simpansi - Ape by Urft Valley Art


Bonobo or Pygmy Chimpanzee - Pan paniscus - primates by Urft Valley Art


Bornean orangutan - Pongo pygmaeus - Orang-Utan - Orango del Borneo - Orangotango - Borneoranki by Urft Valley Art


Buffalo Gnat or Black Fly - Simuliidae by Urft Valley Art


Common House Mosquito - culex pipiens by Urft Valley Art


Hermit beetle - Russian leather beetle - Osmoderma eremita - Pique prune - Erakkokuoriainen by Urft Valley Art


Western Lowland Gorilla - Gorilla gorilla - Great Ape - Primate - Gorille - Gorila - Goriluapa by Urft Valley Art


Daubentons bat Myotis daubentonii - Murin de Daubenton-Murcielago Ribereno-Vespertilio di Daubenton by Urft Valley Art


Thinlip mullet Liza ramada - Mulet - Morragute - Cefalo - Tainha Tunnlaeppad multe - Roendungur by Urft Valley Art


Common Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus - Herisson d Europe - Erizo by Urft Valley Art


Red Crossbill -Common Crossbill Loxia curvirostra -Bec-crois des sapins -piquituerto -krossnefur by Urft Valley Art


Eurasian Common Shrew Sorex araneus - Musaraigne carrelet - musa by Urft Valley Art


Common mole Talpa europaea by Urft Valley Art


Roman Warriors - Bust sculpture - Roemer - Romeinen - Antichi Romani - Romains - Romarere by Urft Valley Art


Ancestral Chart- ancient early - Hunters Gatherers - Chasseurs Cueilleurs - Cazadores Recolectores by Urft Valley Art


Female Figurine - Goddess Worship - Matrone - Matrones -Matronen - Matrona - Diosa-Nettersheim Eifel by Urft Valley Art


Totem Figure - Votiv Stele - Votive Stela - Ancestral Pole - Crusarder - Poste Antepassados by Urft Valley Art


Owls - Show-Case Collection - Chouettes - Hiboux - Lechuzas - Mochos - Strigiformes Strigidae by Urft Valley Art


Isle of Colonsay - Brown Trout Salmo Trutta - Hebrides - Islay - Jura - Skye - Mull - Fish Sign by Urft Valley Art


Bumblebees - wild bees - wesps - yellow jackets - ichneumon flies - apiformes vespulas hymenopteras by Urft Valley Art


Withing Merlangius merlangus - Merlan - Merlano - Hvitting - Cod like fish - Seafood Art by Urft Valley Art


Hazelnut weevil Curculio nucum - Balanin des noisettes - Balanino della nocciola - Noeddesnudebille by Urft Valley Art


Long-horned beetle Tragosoma depsarium - Zottenbock - Meroscelisini - Gammelskogbukk - Raggbock by Urft Valley Art


Great Diving Beetle Dytiscus marginalis - Dytique Borde - escarabajo buceador - keltalaitasukeltaja by Urft Valley Art


Unique etching artwork - Brown trout - trout waters - trout brook - engraving by Urft Valley Art


blackspotted pliers support beetle - Rhagium mordax - gemarmerde eikenbok - Rhagie mordante by Urft Valley Art


Great Diving Beetle Dytiscus marginalis - Dytique Borde - escarabajo buceador - keltalaitasukeltaja by Urft Valley Art


Long-hornded wood boring beetle Monochamus sartor - coleoptere Monochame tailleur - by Urft Valley Art


Northern Dune Tiger Beetle Cicindela hybrida - coleoptere Cincidele hybride -Sandjegere loepebillene by Urft Valley Art


Beetle of the alps - Rosalia Longicorn - Rosalia alpina - Rosalie des Alpes - Alpebukk by Urft Valley Art


Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus - lucane cerf volant - ciervo volante - Eikehjort - Tamminkainen -beetles by Urft Valley Art


European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax - Bar commun - Loup de mer - Lubina - Havabor - Seafood Art by Urft Valley Art


Gilthead Seabream Sparus aurata - Daurade royale - Dorada - Kultaotsasargi - Orata - Seafood Art by Urft Valley Art


Common pandora Pagellus erythrinus - Pageot commun - Breca - Bica - Punapagelli - Seafood Art by Urft Valley Art


Brown Trout - autochthonous - indigenous - Salmo trutta morpha fario - Salmo trutta fario by Urft Valley Art


Comparison hare rabbit ears - Oryctolagus cuniculus - Genus lepus - Vergleich Hase Kaninchen Ohren by Urft Valley Art


Living fossil eel - Protoanguilla palau - anguilliformes - lateral organ - Seitenlinienorgan by Urft Valley Art


Long Tailed Field Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus - Wood Mouse - Moulo by Urft Valley Art


UK Butterflies UK Moths - British Butterflies British Moths - European Butterflies European Moths by Urft Valley Art


Walrus Odobenus rosmarus - Morse - Morsa - Tricheco - Mursu - Rostungur - Ivory Tusks - Inuit by Urft Valley Art


Habitat common seals - Pinnipeds - Marine Mammals - mudflat tideland - Phoque commun-Banc de Sable by Urft Valley Art